Tool To Fix Dead Doc

Are you unable to access your DOC files??? Microsoft Word is the most preferred application to write content like articles, letters, memos, reports etc. It is a user’s first choice to do content writing in Windows Operating Systems. This application uses the syntax .DOC and .DOCX to restore files in Microsoft Word. Nowadays Microsoft Office Word 2007 is most used applications for content writing. However, you can get your word documents dead due to various reasons like virus attack, malfunctioning of the software due to corruption, power surge, and software conflicts etc. You may lose all your MS Word files when the system undergoes damages.

These doc files may be very precious to you, since MS Word files are used to prepare complex business documents, in case if you lose this file it may be a very troublesome situation for you. You may never want to prepare all those hectic reports, memos, and brochures etc .Well you are not required anymore to do that. Here is a tool that can fix your entire doc and DOCX files that are defected due to any reason. Hit here , to know more about the tool to repair corrupted doc file.

This tool is capable enough to handle the distortions occurring in Word files. It can construct all the kind of DOC and DOCX files on your PC. The software is found to be compatible with all other repairing software that are available in the market to make your damaged MS Word file error free. This repairing software is speedy and accurate in its function to get back a healthy file from the defective DOC file. It can generate a new healed file from the damage doc file and remains intact with the original word file. Browse here to learn more about the healing doc files software.

Some Reasons Responsible for the Corruption of the DOC files

Software conflicts: Application conflicts or software dispute arise, when you have installed two operating systems on your desktop or laptop. This is known as dual operating system. In this situation also you may get your document files inaccessible.

Round Tripping: Continuous conversion of DOC and DOCX files from one format to another and then again changing it to its original format is known as Round Tripping. In this condition your word file may undergo some distortion making the doc files inaccessible resulting in data loss.

Virus Attacks: If the laptop or whatever the system you are using to store your word file is struggling with the virus attacks, then the DOC files saved in such systems also gets damaged making the word files dead.

Features of the software


To protect your doc files from getting damaged you should take some precautions. Here are some precautions suggested to use the software and defend your doc files from getting corrupted or inaccessible.

As you come to know that your DOC files have met any damages or defects you should not store any new data inside the drive that contains your MS Word files in order to avoid the overwriting of the document.

Because if the corrupted document files get overwritten, then it is impossible for any error fixing tool, to heal your corrupted file because the overwritten data will replace the previous data making it unavailable in your PC.

To protect your DOC and DOCX files from the errors or defects avoid the abrupt shutting down of your windows, switch off your PC with proper way.

Avoid power surges on your PC. Charge your laptop whenever shows a signal of low battery. Do not use your Laptop when it is on low battery.

Steps to use the Software

Step 1: Download the demo version of the software, install and launch it.

Corrupt DOCX File Repair - Browse location of Corrupt DOCX File

Fig A: Location of DOCX File

Step 2: Main screen will appear on the screen , it will ask the drive from which you want to fix your .DOC and .docx

Fig B: Preview new DOCX File

Step 3: Choose the drive in which you have stored your DOC files. Start scanning process.The software will scan the whole drive.

Corrupt DOCX File Repair - Save Repaired DOCX File

Fig C: Save new Repaired File

Step 4: After scanning the selected drive , the tool will present the repaired doc files .Take a preview of the repaired file to account the functionality of the software. If you are ok with the performance of the tool purchase it.

Corrupt DOCX File Repair - Preview Repaired DOCX File

Fig B: Preview new DOCX File

Note: Remember that the demo version of the doc file recovery software technically resembles to the activated version of the software but actually this is not the case. The saving of the renovated files is disabled in the trial version. To save your files you need to purchase the software.

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